All Hallows Eve



Throwback Thursday – featuring yours truely as Dracula’s Bride – with my Mom’s actual wedding veil on!



All Hallows eve.  The time we remember the dead, including saints, which were referred to or are referred to as Hallows and also a time to remember the martyrs and the departed believers.

So yup another religious affair – but respecting the dead sounds like it should be a nice affair not about scaring the bejesus out of someone and hassling people for sweets ;o)

Last year I really noticed how much bigger Halloween had become in the UK – it’s always been quite a major family affair in the U.S but I noticed the little lanterns being put outside the houses in the UK where you could go and visit – I then noticed the idiots old enough to know better walking around and kicking the lanterns down the street……anyway – you always have a few that are stupid don’t you!

I think originally it was a Christian fest influenced by a celtic harvest festival.

It was the Irish and the Scots that took this over to North America back in the 19th Century and although not celebrated all over the world there are many countries that do follow this tradition.

I have been told that the ancient Gaels believed that on October 31 the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead overlapped and the dead would come back to life and cause sickness and damage crops.

Or in todays’ world maybe the sickness is from too much candy and the damage comes from those few idiots like the kids I saw booting the lanterns down the street.  Apparently bonfires used to play a huge part in the festivities which apparently attracted bats – and this is how the bat became so heavily involved in Halloween.  The costumes people wore was to mimic the dead.


At the beginning of November way back when poorer people would go door to door on the scrounge and would be given food in return for prayers for the dead on the following day known as All Souls Day – and this practice became known as ‘Souling’.  Shakespeare gave a nod to all of this when he referred to someone as  ‘…like a beggar at Hallowmas.’


The earliest known recorded account of trick or treating was in 1911 when a paper in Ontario reported seeing children near the New York border dressed up and going door to door receiving nuts and sweets in return for saying rhymes and singing songs.  It is believed though that in the US it was children that had to explain to Adults what they were doing and adults were enraged at such a practise.  So who and what started such a big tradition is still a little confused but to me it’s about dressing up and candy – what’s not to love about that!




It’s Tuesday – go on treat yourself…..

My treat this week has been reading lots and lots.

Lots of YA books again but the joy of this is I can say it’s all research and hand over books to friends children afterwards so there is lots to gain from reading children’s books it would seem!

I read Smiles to Go.


A lovely story about a science obsessed kid who has an annoying little sister – it follows his life and his science projects and some of the questions he has about the universe – it follows his friendships with his sister as an annoying little echo or a full on force in his face throughout the whole story.

Then something happens.  Something big.  So huge it has him questioning so many things but mainly – the whole idea of a sister and the sister that he has.

It’s a typical Jerry read – wonderful characters – and lots of insight and morals.  Some think he’s too forceful with the morals – but I think sometimes you gotta pack a punch! Metaphorically of course.

I also read Eggs.


And I have to say – I did it – I finally found a book by Jerry that I was not so keen on.  There are two kids, David and Primrose – they don’t particularly fit in.  The one girl has decided to live in an old van parked in her driveway and she has a friend she goes to visit in the evening who is another misfit.  She collects garbage that she sells a junk fares to make money for snacks and to do up her van.  Then there is David – he is being brought up by his Nan whilst his dad is away working.  His Mother tragically died a little while before.  Primrose and David become firm friends – but pretend they hate each other. 

Although this book starts off ok and sounds like it’s going to be – it never really takes off and for once I never really got into the characters.

But it didn’t put me off.

I then went on to read:


Jake and Lilly – twins – they do everything together – including sharing a room.  But suddenly all that changes – they get given their own rooms and Jake breaks away and makes his own friends.  There are wonderful messages about not picking on someone because they are different.  On how you can still be with someone and not have to suffocate them.  And just because you can’t see someone doesn’t mean they don’t care.  A beautiful read that brought me back to Jerry’s work nicely.

I also read Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning.


This was about 17 year old Molly – who, along with her friends forms a band with songs such as Hello Kitty Speedboat, they are having fun.  Then they meet Dean and T who joined the band and bring an edge to it that rockets them to super stardom.  In Molly’s innocence and her wanting to be more grown up than she is – she ends up starting the story talking about how the record company is trying to sue her for millions of dollars.  A great read for anyone who wants to or wanted to start a band in their teens.  It puts in music, a little history lesson on life and on music – romance, betrayal and a lot about when things get out of control.  A fantastic read.

I always say there are too many books to read and not enough time –but that’s another great thing about YA books – I seem to eat them up! I always wanted to read like ET, I’m not quite there yet though.

Another treat for you this Tuesday


If you read Stargirl then you will want to read this.

If you haven’t read Stargirl – why on earth not?

Do you dare to be different?

Kick out against what is expected of you and be true to yourself.

It sounds so simple but not many people do that, too many are scared of not being accepted and live a life not fully true to themselves.  This is most definitely not the case with Stargirl.

She is different.  She embraces it.  She tried to go to a regular school and it didn’t work out for her and her family moved away.  New beginnings.  This is where Love Stargirl picks up the story.  Stargirl moved away from Leo.  Leo was her love, the narrator of the first book.  This time it is Stargirls turn. 

In a year long letter to Leo we get to explore the world of Stargirl again and all the lives she is involved with and the people she changes and the things she notices.  It’s magical, it’s beautiful, it was a joy to spend some time with Stargirl again. 


Buy these books people – again it doesn’t matter what age you are – you will get something from this – you will learn it is beautiful to be different.

Tra la la – Music Monday


They come from London and they are:

Max Bloom – guitar, vocals

Mariko Doi – bass

Jonny Rogoff – drums

Ed Hayes – guitar (who joined in 2013)

Daniel Blumberg – vocals, guitar (who left in 2013)


They’ve been my little low-fi loves since their debut album, also called Yuck came out in 2011.


The song Operation on this album is one of my favourite pick me up songs.

Their new album Glow and Behold is out now.  Released on 27 September.  I was really looking forward to it, and it’s not that I felt let down by the first listen – it was just lacking something that the first album had.  About half way through the album picks up a pace, only to go back down again to their low fi tra la la. 


Ok this is sounding more negative than it is meant.  Yuck have this lovely low fi sound with a bit of nice oompfy chuggy bass and guitar going on, then they can also do sugar sweet low fi.  To me the debut album has a really lovely mixture of both styles throughout the whole CD but Glow and Behold seems to  lean too heavily on the more sugar sweet low fi.  This in itself is not a problem as such – it still makes for a lovely pleasant indie low fi album.  But I know of the greatness they are capable of and I don’t think they pulled enough punches on this CD, maybe they had to play it a bit safer, maybe they felt a bit more chilled out.  If you have not heard any of Yuck before – get both CDs, you will see what I mean.


In between albums Daniel left the band – and maybe this is why the sound has changed somewhat.  It may’ve changed but they are by no means ready to be written off. 

 I think Glow and Behold will be a grower, whereas Yuck was an instant hit with me.

 If you like My Bloody Valentine then Yuck should be in your music collection too. 





Throwback Thursday

I am not ‘throwing back’ too far with this one.

This was my birthday weekend with two of my dearest friends in a place that feels like my home from home.  (now I have the song ‘Home from Home’ in my head by the yo-yo’s for the day – thanks self!)

Anyhow left to right – that would be Marion, Sophie and my ‘good’ self ImageIs it just me or do Marion and Sophie look stoned and I look like I did something they are yet to find out about!!! I can assure you they were not, and I didn’t!

We were in Swanage – somewhere on the south coast, it’s part of the Jurassic coast and is super pretty.  It’s a seaside town so far unspoiled but only time will tell if more people will move in only buying holiday homes and ruin more of the coast for us all – but that’s another rant for another day.

Swanage is somewhere I went to a lot as a child and I love it there, it really evokes a feeling of coming home to me as I near the place.  I don’t get to visit often enough so this year I wanted to make sure I could share the place with some friends….and they got why it was so special to me.

On my birthday weekend there is always a carnival rounded off with some amazing fireworks. I do of course say this is all in my honor, it’s not but you can pretend along with me.  And the Princess Fairy of the ball, i.e the birthday girl a.k.a yours truly – was bought a flashing light up magic wand.  And yes it is now pride of place on my bookcase.


(And over my shoulder is a guest appearance from my little nephew Joel, see the place is so special one of my brothers and his family happened to be down there at the same time.)

So today’s Throwback Thursday is in honor of special places, special people, friendship, magic wands, birthdays and therefore cake!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I saw something on the news headlines this morning that broke my heart.  You will know that I love Elephants and support the DSWT….anyway, it was reported that the killing/poaching/murder of elephants and rhino is on the up in Africa (I argue that you shouldn’t hate the poacher, if you want to hate, hate the greedy dumb idiots behind the poaching) – well 80 elephants had been poisoned with Cyanide.  This is a chemical that will not only kill the elephants, it could leak into the land and also anything that feeds from the carcass of the elephant will also die and so on and so forth.  So how many deaths will result from someone needing a trinket?

It made me think about the repercussions of our actions.

These people are not seeing the elephant as anything worthwhile; they are not seeing anything but their own wanton greed.  They are not seeing beyond their own nose.  They really are not seeing the bigger picture.

This little issue is rife around the world.  I don’t just mean poaching but not being able to see the bigger picture.


Companies and the government quite often act for the ‘now’, they don’t look at the bigger picture.  If the Government really cared beyond securing more votes, they would look at the bigger picture.  Sometimes it takes a lot of investment now to get the rewards in many years to come.  To me that is surely better than a short term project that could ultimately fail or have no impact on the future, or even worse, have a negative impact on the future.

It is not for us to teach our children how to live in a destructive and brutal world, it is for us to teach our children how to care and live more kindly.  Native American elders that had the chance to see the ways of old and the new ways always said that one day the people would see that their way of life wasn’t so daft and out of touch after all.  And it’s true.  How many of us want to escape the rat race and live more freely!?!

Recently I have purchased many dvd’s and books about life on the Yukon and Alaskan living.  I could never do it – I don’t eat meat.  I don’t like it to rain too often, and I wear dresses, but still there is something beautiful about the survival and the harmonious circle that goes on there!


I have been thinking of the repercussions of actions a lot.  We quite often see that as a negative thing or view it in a negative way – but there can be amazingly good rewards and great lessons learnt from being aware of our own actions and others and how the things we do and say impact on others.

Take for example last November.  I was attacked by a girl at the Vans Warped Tour UK.  She came out of nowhere and seemed to be off her head.  She caused me quite a bad head injury.  I lost a massive section of hair (which is only just starting to grow back but hoorah it is growing back!) My head was very tender for some time.  I have memory issues that are looking likely to be permanent from this; I also have a shoulder injury that I am combating with special exercises every day.


I don’t hate the girl that did it – I pity her – she probably didn’t even remember what she had done but last year it really had an impact on me.  It is still having an impact on me.  She must be so filled with hate look what it does to her.  It’s downright ugly.

I am glad it didn’t happen to someone less strong willed – it’s the sort of thing that could’ve really messed someone up.  As it is – I am a bit freaked out about being out on my own now but it never hurts to have your wits about you.  I have noticed it has stopped me doing some things socially.  I am sure some friends think I am just being flakey but it freaks me out being out on my own when things are getting rowdy – you know what I mean about the streets on a Friday and Saturday night I am sure.  Messing about at a party once a girl turned to me and said ‘You better shut up otherwise I’ll pull the rest of your hair out’ . Excuse me but fucking ouch!  I rose above it and laughed and walked away.  I know she was trying to be funny – but seriously – it was about 4 weeks after the incident, I was still getting hospital treatment, way too fresh!  Anyone I’ve mentioned this to has been horribly shocked so I think I did well to walk away and not say something.


I am not a bad person and don’t warrant such things happening, I mean who does really – but I realise that I can’t be held responsible for other people’s actions and I can’t carry that with me.  It’s not my fault that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it’s not my fault that someone else’s idea of humour doesn’t let their brain translate to their mouth fast enough – nothing mean was meant by the comment at all I am sure – it was a flippant moment – but it’s one I don’t think I will ever forget.  And shows how a careless moment can last longer than was intended.


Once upon a time there was some ladies who came into my work place – I hadn’t realised what a bad day they had been having – but something else was going on with a parcel they needed so I stayed at work a few minutes later than normal to help them out with the parcel, to explain how it all worked and to sort them out with a taxi home.  They weren’t native to London and English wasn’t their first language.  To me it was a small gesture that I made.  If I can help someone out then I will – that is just the nature I have.  The next day these ladies came to work with a lovely plant for me.  Apparently it had been the final straw in what was a really bad day – and my little gesture put their faith back in people and in things working out.  Every time I see these ladies they are extra friendly and still really grateful.


Now both were little things – both the comment from the girl and my actions with the ladies at work, but both had longer term reactions.

So don’t be so quick to judge a situation.  Don’t be so quick to dismiss things or speak before you think.  You don’t know someone’s story; you don’t know what they have been through.  We all have the time to be a better person.  We can all spare someone a few moments to help them or to listen to them.  We all have the ability to help each other out a little more; to be conscious of our surroundings, to be conscious of our place in the world, to be conscious of our footprint on earth.  We all have the power to make the world a better place just by little actions and little thoughts that can occur without much effort.   If everyone did one nice thing for someone each day just imagine the repercussions of that.  A tiny ripple in a pond spreads out to be a wave in the ocean.  Just remember that.



Treat Tuesday

One of the best things in the world is friendship.  Gossip, wine, cake, tea…’s all up there as some of my favourite ways to pass the time.


(this was Vinteas in Royal Leamington Spa – it’s a lovely place, lovely food, amazing choice of teas and coffees and really lovely staff)

This week is my friend Marion’s birthday.


And we pretty much did all the above.  It doesn’t have to cost mega bucks but is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

And that’s my advice for a treat on a Tuesday – meet up with a friend – have a coffee, have a chat and have a giggle and see how much better you feel.


(I’d been looking for these for ages as I love anything Black Cherry – and although nice – they were not worth the wait)

There are also these awesome little things – bath bombs that leave behind a little mermaid whose tail changes colour in the water.  Come on, who doesn’t want one of these Magic Mermaids.  Rubber ducks in the bath are so over!


In the world of fashion the treats are not so treatful………….



 These are good though!


 (but not so much the hat on this one)


I also bought some books – I know – surprised you right!


I have read Adorkable by Sarra Manning out of these three gems – but it’s so lovely I had to buy lots more of Sarra Mannings books.  You can find her on twitter and you can find out more about her from her website and blog

Adorkable is about Jeane Smith – she is a blogger extraordinaire, she is a dreamer, she dares to be different, she lives away from her parents and goes to school when she feels like it.  She has a few friends in real life and gazillions of online friends.  She falls for the most popular boy in the school and this leaves her questioning many things about the life she thought had been so perfect.  It’s a lovely coming of age story, of not being afraid to stand out but not getting lost in the world you create to protect you from the world.

Along with Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli – I have definitely found two new favorite authors this week and that makes me happy – I now have a tonne of new books to buy and read.

Happy shopping people – I mean everyone needs a little treat once in a while don’t they.

It’s Friday? I hadn’t noticed………

So it is Friday again – it seems to come around so quickly but also takes its time, how is that even possible!?

What will you be doing this weekend? Not decided yet? Well below is a list of a few things going on in London this weekend.  And remember – if you are doing something you want to promote or are in a band you think more people need to know about then get in touch and maybe I’ll feature you here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Archway with words – This is the first time this literary festival will be running and as it’s about books and authors it gets a big thumbs up from me.  There will be a whole host of authors and venues for 8 days with all day long festivals at the weekends.  Most events with authors will only cost you £5 and many attractions will be FREE.  Yes, those magic words and my favorite price.


To find out more – as I know you want to do – visit

Thames clean up – Not for the faint hearted I would think but if you want to get involved with a big team of people helping to clean up the Thames then you can find out more info here –

Merge Festival – This is a festival to draw in the history and talent in and around the Bankside There will be music and artists transforming derelict buildings and more!

Looking for a new bar to go to? Time Outs bar of the week is the Grain Store – this is in Kings Cross – and focuses on food and wine (with herbs and spices introduced into them) – I hear they are meant to be very nice! Check it out


I am all for pop up stores and pop up events and this weekend – Fashion meets music – westfield, stratford, all about new designers and musicians – beats just going shopping in my book

Shoreditch street art tour – what more is there to say, there is a tour in the morning and again in the afternoon – but check out the website for details of weekend tours – or just go for a ramble yourself to see the artwork – some of it is really good –


Wanting something for all ages – then head to – Gerry Cottles Circus

The iTunes festival at the roundhouse – the 30 nights of live music is still on – head on down to the roundhouse for tunes a plenty

Fleetwood Mac O2, Wednesday – now this I wish I was going to.  If anyone wants to gift me two tickets feel free (yeah I know I am pushing my luck but my Momma always said ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get……’)


And if you want to just have a nice evening dancing and drinking tonight then head to the Jubilee Club in Camden.


Throwback Thursday


I heart lindsey kelk

Some of you will know her from her brilliant column in Marie Claire, and many of you will know her from her amazing series of books about Angela in I heart Hollywood, I heart New York, I heart Vegas and I heart Paris, with I heart London to be released in a few months time. Lindsey is also the author of The Single Girls To Do List, about a girl and of ebook Jennifer Lopez has a bad week.

What inspired you to write?
I’ve always written, ever since I was little but the main thing that made me start writing I Heart New York was boredom!

Is it something you have always wanted to do?
Yep. I’ve been telling and writing stories for as long as I can remember but I never thought I’d be so lucky as to do it for a job. It’s amazing.

I seem to recall you not planning on being a ‘chick lit’ writer, what sort of writing had you hoped to do?
There was never a plan, it just wasn’t a genre I was terribly well read in. I worked in children’s publishing and I read a lot of literary fiction so I was as surprised as anyone when I Heart New York appeared.

You’ve ended up doing a series of books about Angela, does she now feel like a friend?
She does. It was so hard writing I Heart London because I knew I wouldn’t be writing her again for a while. Hopefully I’ve done her justice.

Is it hard to break out of that storyline to write something else?
So hard! When I started writing The Single Girl’s To-Do List, it was SO hard in the beginning but once I got into the rhythm of it, I found it just as tricky to get back into the I Hearts… it’s complicated!

Briefly describe your writing process.
Oh lord, it’s never the same but it mostly involves me not sleeping for several weeks and eating a LOT of sweets and drinking too much Diet Pepsi.

How did you find the right agent for you?
We met through a friend. It’s always great to get a recommendation if you can because it’s such a personal relationship.

What are your thoughts on ebooks?
I think they’re great. I’ll always love paper books but I can’t imagine being without my Kindle these days.

You have recently published a short novel for the kindle, is this a dipping the toe in the water type thing with e publishing or just a one off?
It was more of a treat for the fans in between I Heart books. I write a lot and I write fast so I was keen to do something for everyone who was missing Angela and Jenny.

The future of publishing houses seems to be changing quite dramatically at the moment, what are your thoughts on this?
It is changing so fast. I’ve only been out of it (as an editor) for a year and it’s already moved on so much. I think it’s just a difficult time and having a good agent and a supportive editor is all you can hope for at the moment. Change isn’t always a bad thing, it’s just a case of riding it out until it settles down.

I’ve only just started writing and find I can only write for myself, do you find the same or do you write in a more calculated fashion? I ask because I was told to always find out what sells and write towards that but it doesn’t feel natural to me.
I only ever write for myself. When I worry too much what other people are thinking about, it just doesn’t work and everyone can tell. Stick to what feels right to you!

A friend recently read my first attempt at a book and I was amazed at how hard it was to put my written word out there – how did you feel to see your words in print for the first time?
It was crazy. Because I’d worked as an editor, all through the publishing process, it felt a bit like work. Still amazing but just a special project rather than my book. The first time I saw it in a shop, it was mental. I freaked out, my friend took photos… it was all very exciting. In Sainsbury’s in Wandsworth…

Any advice for wannabe authors like myself?
Just keep going! It’s not easy and if it’s not something you desperately want, it can get depressing so yeah, it’s all about passion and desire and persistence.

Going back to the wonderful series of Angela Clark, are the stories totally made up or are they based on true events?
The storylines are completely fictional but there are always a few bits and pieces from real like that make it in – places, a few people, the odd anecdote. But always painted over with Angela’s life.

Do you find yourself living vicariously through Angela?
Definitely! I want her life!

Do you know how many more books will be in the ‘I heart….’ series?
I Heart London is the end of the road for now but I think she’ll be back one day…

You can find more information about Lindsey here:’

If you have not yet read her books then get yourself over to Lindsey’s website and buy them…all!!

And I am really thrilled to say that Angela will be back in November with more tales in Lindsey’s new book ‘I heart Christmas’ 

Wednesday (Adams)

‘I’m not good enough’

‘Why can’t I be more like them?’

‘If I was just taller/shorter/fatter/thinner/prettier….’

Do any of those sentences sound familiar?

I am sure most of you will be nodding your head, no matter if you are young or old, male or female.


There are so many stories about teens feeling this way but I’ll let you into a secret, many adults feel this way too.  I think many people feel lost or at least have times of doubt that leave them struggling for some time, I think the only difference is that some of us fake it better than others.

I sometimes think that those of us that fake it the best are the ones struggling the most.

Just like the child that makes it so hard to love them is the child that needs love the most.

It’s not rocket science.  Humans aren’t that complex.  At the end of the day all any of us want is some peace and love and happiness in our lives.

Of course what you think would make you happy isn’t always the same and it isn’t always right.

The things you think you want in life may very well be the last thing you need.  And life has a funny way of making your path twist and turn until you end up with what you need.  Of course you might not always realise this and you may see yourself as a failure because you didn’t get the things you want……and that’s just it – I really do believe that life plays a massive hand at making sure you get what you need and there is a massive difference.


I know that opens up a whole world of things about fate and your life already being mapped out and I am happy to discuss that at any point and will no doubt venture there in future posts but for today let’s just focus on that old saying:

‘Be careful what you wish for.’

Do you really want to be someone else? Don’t you just really want to be a better version of yourself?

People that have a hard time in school quite often end up making the far more interesting adults.

If you follow the crowd you won’t go very far but the individual who is prepared to branch out and be themselves will travel far more interesting roads.

Don’t be afraid of who you are, embrace your quirks and your little differences, these are the things that can make you doubt yourself but really these are the things that make you – these are the things that make you who you are.  If we were all meant to be the same I am sure we would come with barcodes and would be robots.

We aren’t robots – no matter how much the media and the state try to push you towards that way of being – we are not and never will be.

So embrace you.  If someone doesn’t get it then it really is their loss.  Not everyone can love everyone, not everyone can be liked by everyone.  That would be fake.  And fake isn’t the best way to be.

People come and go in life – there are reasons for everyone stepping in and out.  Some people you meet and it’s to help you through a certain time of life, or you are there to help them, some people you meet and it breaks you a little but ultimately it shows you how strong you really are as you may have cracked a bit but you didn’t shatter.  Some people come into your life and they stay.

Despite what facebook makes you think – your really truly honest friendships are few.  But it’s always about the quality and not the quantity of friendship.

If you have too many friends (yes there is such a thing) then you can’t give the time needed to nurture any one friendship.

To be called someone’s friend is one of the highest honours you can give someone and they should cherish it as the most precious gift. Sadly too many use this word loosely – they are frivolous with it.  But be honest – how many of your ‘friends’ do you find annoying? How many of your ‘friends’ do you cheat on? Bitch about? Look down upon? You will be surprised to find how many people out there are not actually that nice to their ‘friends’.

If you find yourself with people like that – just move on – move away – life is too short to fill it with someone else’s bullshit.


I question myself daily.  I cry sometimes about the state of my life.  I constantly count friends.  I feel lonely in the busiest of environments.  I take silences personally.  I blame myself for other peoples flaws.


I also know how to be there for my friends, I have time for them, I give them space, I cherish them and my true friends have me for life – whether they want me or not!

I stopped talking just for the sake of talking and talk when I feel the need – it’s amazing what you learn just through listening.  And I’ll tell people this – you may see someone as quiet but honestly if they are listening they have learnt so much about you and what is going on around them.


If you are true to whom you are you will attract the right people to your life. That might be one person it might be ten – but whatever the number it is surely far better to be you than to be fake all your life!

Never judge yourself against someone else.  They aren’t you and they aren’t meant to be.  If being someone’s friend makes you question your own behaviour and morals then they aren’t right for you and that’s ok as there are quite a few people in the world, you will find someone that fits! And if you are alone in your room right now – don’t worry – things will change – this time is just to make you learn all about yourself.

Don’t hate on yourself – if you were really that bad you would be doing a lot to change that.


Every new day is a new start! And remember – that person you look up to or wish you could be or you feel intimidated by could well be far less confident than you – don’t judge – no one knows the other person’s story.

Be proud of who you are. Embrace life.  Don’t expect to be perfect, ever, and don’t expect that to happen over night, more importantly remember that those things you see as flaws could be the very thing that makes someone else love you! It makes you human.