Treat Tuesday

Oh yes am I mixing things up – music today – but it’s not Monday I hear you cry…….but it is a treat as far as I am concerned.

I love this song.

Mark’s vocals………are rather nice.

and whilst we are on this subject:

In case you haven’t noticed it is almost Christmas – and this is totally the best Christmas song ever written – and it happens to also be by Blink 182, and sung by Mark.

And if you wanted to treat yourself to something Blink shaped this is rather cute:

And if you love pop punk and want to start a band or are starting out in a band or just want something with that sort of vibe to watch over Christmas you really should watch this, some of it is horrifying:

Keeping with the music and Christmas treat theme – if you want a christmas jumper this is surely the only one to even contemplate getting:



Treat Tuesday

Tuesday treat day

Well it should be – Tuesday’s a sort of nothing day isn’t it – it’s not the ‘fresh’ start to the week and it’s not half way through the week and it’s definitely too far from the weekend.  But it’s so bad to wish your life away……so that’s why you should look forward to a little treat on a Tuesday.

If you are really skint – which most of us are – then make something for someone – or take yourself to the department stores and hunt out a little bargain – whether it be a pair of earrings, a new hair colour or a new nail polish.  Little something’s can make you feel better without putting you in trouble with the bank manager.


I don’t cook – it’s just not something I’ve ever been that interested in but I was getting so fed up with not being able to find anything to eat in the supermarkets, I am a vegetarian – it’s not like I am asking for something weird but the supermarkets in London seem to be rubbish unless you travel to the outskirts and go to the bigger stores, so I decided I am going to start making food more often – it will be a challenge but should be far healthier and probably won’t cost much more if at all, so that’s my little treat to myself at the moment is to try to look after what I eat a little more, so if any of you have some great, easy cheap vegetarian recipes to share then please do send them through.

The other thing is that I think more people should be thinking about the food they eat…..or don’t as seems to be the case with far too many people.  I know people that will go out and rarely drink – not because they don’t like alcohol or are a recovering addict but because they feel they shouldn’t drink anything but water due to the calorie content.   There is some truth in this – you don’t want to gorge on high calories all the time but come on – live a little.  There’s a time in every woman’s life when they have to be a bit more careful about what they eat – but really who doesn’t want to be healthy? But you can be healthy and still treat yourself – denial is a dirty word to me – it just makes you really crave the thing you are avoiding.  If you look at older people – I mean really old people – there’s something a little scary about the really skinny.  And I have long been told you get to an age where you have to choose between your face or your figure.  This doesn’t mean be super skinny or super fat – there is a happy balance in there I am sure of it, convinced of it.  And here lies the problem – that little world happy!  How many of you really are? How many of you are spending your days worried you are not on the property ladder yet? Or worrying about the ever growing credit card bill as you live a lifestyle you can’t afford? Or you are worrying about the local schools for your children or you are worrying about the size of the mortgage you have just taken on.  See, so much is there to make us just worry and not enjoy life as much.


You don’t need much to be happy.  The TV will tell you a very different story but don’t believe it – politicians want you to live in fear as it makes you easier to control.  Manufacturers want you to feel like you are missing out and not achieving enough as it makes you buy things and that makes them rich – it won’t necessarily make you happier.   Oh yes, I can hear you telling me I am a hypercritic as I have told you to buy a little something to cheer you up – but that’s it, a little treat to remind you why you are working or that you are worth it.  Not something to compete with someone else about or get into debt over or something that you will stress about buying rather than enjoying.  We like to have new things that is how manufacturers can work us – it’s no secret – but you live in moderation and you won’t get into too much of a mess.

If we all lived in moderation then the world would be a better place, a happier place.  You wouldn’t get as much street crime or as much debt as you wouldn’t feel the need to own the latest gadget – you wouldn’t be blinded by fashion.  You would find worth in much more valuable things.

Humans stupidly put value in money.  I think this is where so much went wrong.


It made us compete in a weird vain way, it made us cherish the wrong things.

In truth all that really matters is being a kind and good human being –if we all did that there would be no unnecessary greed, there would be no bullying, we wouldn’t all be peaches and cream but we would be a darn sight closer to it, so for treat Tuesday, treat yourself to something little, treat your loved ones to something little, look after each other and be nice to a stranger, you might just make their day and what nicer treat is there than that!


It’s Tuesday – go on treat yourself…..

My treat this week has been reading lots and lots.

Lots of YA books again but the joy of this is I can say it’s all research and hand over books to friends children afterwards so there is lots to gain from reading children’s books it would seem!

I read Smiles to Go.


A lovely story about a science obsessed kid who has an annoying little sister – it follows his life and his science projects and some of the questions he has about the universe – it follows his friendships with his sister as an annoying little echo or a full on force in his face throughout the whole story.

Then something happens.  Something big.  So huge it has him questioning so many things but mainly – the whole idea of a sister and the sister that he has.

It’s a typical Jerry read – wonderful characters – and lots of insight and morals.  Some think he’s too forceful with the morals – but I think sometimes you gotta pack a punch! Metaphorically of course.

I also read Eggs.


And I have to say – I did it – I finally found a book by Jerry that I was not so keen on.  There are two kids, David and Primrose – they don’t particularly fit in.  The one girl has decided to live in an old van parked in her driveway and she has a friend she goes to visit in the evening who is another misfit.  She collects garbage that she sells a junk fares to make money for snacks and to do up her van.  Then there is David – he is being brought up by his Nan whilst his dad is away working.  His Mother tragically died a little while before.  Primrose and David become firm friends – but pretend they hate each other. 

Although this book starts off ok and sounds like it’s going to be – it never really takes off and for once I never really got into the characters.

But it didn’t put me off.

I then went on to read:


Jake and Lilly – twins – they do everything together – including sharing a room.  But suddenly all that changes – they get given their own rooms and Jake breaks away and makes his own friends.  There are wonderful messages about not picking on someone because they are different.  On how you can still be with someone and not have to suffocate them.  And just because you can’t see someone doesn’t mean they don’t care.  A beautiful read that brought me back to Jerry’s work nicely.

I also read Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning.


This was about 17 year old Molly – who, along with her friends forms a band with songs such as Hello Kitty Speedboat, they are having fun.  Then they meet Dean and T who joined the band and bring an edge to it that rockets them to super stardom.  In Molly’s innocence and her wanting to be more grown up than she is – she ends up starting the story talking about how the record company is trying to sue her for millions of dollars.  A great read for anyone who wants to or wanted to start a band in their teens.  It puts in music, a little history lesson on life and on music – romance, betrayal and a lot about when things get out of control.  A fantastic read.

I always say there are too many books to read and not enough time –but that’s another great thing about YA books – I seem to eat them up! I always wanted to read like ET, I’m not quite there yet though.

Treat Tuesday

One of the best things in the world is friendship.  Gossip, wine, cake, tea…’s all up there as some of my favourite ways to pass the time.


(this was Vinteas in Royal Leamington Spa – it’s a lovely place, lovely food, amazing choice of teas and coffees and really lovely staff)

This week is my friend Marion’s birthday.


And we pretty much did all the above.  It doesn’t have to cost mega bucks but is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

And that’s my advice for a treat on a Tuesday – meet up with a friend – have a coffee, have a chat and have a giggle and see how much better you feel.


(I’d been looking for these for ages as I love anything Black Cherry – and although nice – they were not worth the wait)

There are also these awesome little things – bath bombs that leave behind a little mermaid whose tail changes colour in the water.  Come on, who doesn’t want one of these Magic Mermaids.  Rubber ducks in the bath are so over!


In the world of fashion the treats are not so treatful………….



 These are good though!


 (but not so much the hat on this one)


I also bought some books – I know – surprised you right!


I have read Adorkable by Sarra Manning out of these three gems – but it’s so lovely I had to buy lots more of Sarra Mannings books.  You can find her on twitter and you can find out more about her from her website and blog

Adorkable is about Jeane Smith – she is a blogger extraordinaire, she is a dreamer, she dares to be different, she lives away from her parents and goes to school when she feels like it.  She has a few friends in real life and gazillions of online friends.  She falls for the most popular boy in the school and this leaves her questioning many things about the life she thought had been so perfect.  It’s a lovely coming of age story, of not being afraid to stand out but not getting lost in the world you create to protect you from the world.

Along with Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli – I have definitely found two new favorite authors this week and that makes me happy – I now have a tonne of new books to buy and read.

Happy shopping people – I mean everyone needs a little treat once in a while don’t they.