And here we are – it is Friday again and for some of us it is not just Friday but we have a few pennies to spend – so I will be hitting the bar straight after work and no doubt nursing my head for a while on Saturday.   If you are staying in tonight then the showing of Alan Carr that I went to see is on so what more could you want to do than watch Alan Carr and see if you can spot my ugly mug.

After dark at the (London) aquarium – the museums after dark was a hit and I think this wold be far more fun – go and see all the fishes all illuminated.


Oktoberfest in Shoreditch – 3,000 people drinking and eating over a few parks – sort of sounds like a mini London on a typical evening to me.


London Tattoo Convention – to try to explain this seems daft – there will be inking going on and many inked people.  Bands will be playing at the 9th annual event and there will be food and drink – just don’t get drunk and get a tattoo – pretty much my one of my few rules in life


Wedding Show – maybe one more for the ladies – but it’s the national wedding show in London at earls court this weekend.  Lots of white, cream and frills and lots of brides in one room – I know it’s wrong but that sort of puts some fear in me.  Make sure you wear fixing spray on your make up ladies!


Walk London – Autumn Ambles – get out and about – explore London – get some exercise – meet people!


Victorian Carnival Kings Cross – Kings cross square is going to turn into a space of a Victorian carnival complete with fairground rides and street entertainers.


Wimbledon Book Festival – Books are awesome – enough said!  There is a whole host of authors and activities going on – check it out:


Astronomy Photographer of the Year – FREE – this is an awesome display of amazing astronomy photos at the Royal Observatory and it’s all at my favourite price!


Tonight the Pixies play Electric, Brixton and Shonen Knife play Dingwalls on Saturday


And if you want to go and dance the night away I would recommend:
Jubilee Club at the Barfly in Camden run by the lovely Chris McCormack and Carl Barat


or you could pop over to Popstarz and go say hi to the gorgeous Jess.



Throwback Thursday

So as this is my first Throwback Thursday I wanted to make it special and show what a dork I can be!
I work in the film industry – I don’t get star struck very often.  The whole world of celebrity baffles me, why oh why do we hold mere human beings up to such high standards and end up worshipping them, going crazy for them, paying them ridiculous amounts of money…….anyway – there is probably a whole huge ranty blog to write on that subject one day but for today, here is my Throwback Thursday picture(s).


So…yes the Aliblahblah on twitter would be me.  That guy, Mark Hoppus, well…seriously – I don’t need to introduce him!

I LOVE Blink.  I am basically just a big old music fan but I do have a major soft spot for Blink.

So to receive this was pretty damn awesome.  And made the never star struck person (me) grin just a little.

The tattoo in question:


The lyrics are from a +44 song (Baby Come On), which was the band Mark Hoppus started when it looked like Blink 182 were going to go their separate ways.  I not only like this song, this band and all the lyrics but this line in particular stood out to me and has summed up something that I’ve always really believed in.  New starts, new beginnings, not being held back and looking forward.  The whole tattoo has huge personal meaning to me so getting it done was good in itself – this was like the cherry on the top.  The tattoo was done by Adam at Shakespeare Ink in Stratford Upon Avon.  I would highly recommend these guys – it’s a great studio – great vibe and I will definitely be back!

Happy Thursday people – the weekend is almost upon on!