Words of Wisdom Wednesday is all about friendship

There is always a first meeting, a first glance, a first word.  We are all strangers at one point or another.  Even the couple that seem to be having the biggest love affair in the history of mankind were strangers once.

When you don’t know someone they can be anything.  You might get lucky in what is quite an uncommunicative world and you will get to say something to them.  You might find they have something to say back to you and over time you start to have little conversations.


You make each other laugh.  You get on, you get each other.

And that’s all that matters really.  Nothing else needs to be analysed.  If you get on and make each other laugh then that in time will grow from acquaintance to friendship.

And now isn’t that something that is underrated in this day and age.  A true and proper friendship – built the old fashioned way.  There is nothing more valuable on the face of this earth than a friend.  Friendship is where everything begins. 

With true friendship you have someone to turn to, someone to give you support.  It gives you someone to be a shoulder too and there is nothing quite like being wanted.

You get to know each other in ways that outsiders just don’t stand a chance.  Just a quick look can have you both laughing without being able to explain to others why.

When you respond that all is fine – only they will know if this is really the case, they will understand the importance of a ‘Nothing’ reply.


They might not know your favourite colour but they will know what colours work best on you and they won’t be afraid to tell you so.  They will handle your strops and your down times but they won’t let you wallow and you will no longer need to.  For having a friend means you never have to be alone again.  You will have someone there, even when you don’t see them.  You will sense them, feel their support.  You will have things happen when you are on your own that you will rush to tell them about.

Other relationships come and go in life but a friendship built up over time with the right ingredients will stand the test of time and will never reach its sell by date.


You should never under value this.

People come into your life for a reason.

Sometimes it is for you to teach them something and sometimes it is for them to teach you.  Sometimes they are here for 5 minutes, sometimes they are here for the rest of your days.  Either way never make the mistake of thinking that your paths have just crossed.  There is a reason.


Some people you are not meant to be friends with but you will know that very early on.  They won’t make you laugh – they will make you feel nervous.

If someone makes you laugh – you have to treasure them as though they were gold or some precious stone.  They are worth more than all the money in the world.

If you in turn can make this persons face light up then you have done one of the greatest things a human can do.  Shared laughter (when real) is one of the most intimate things a human can do – think about it – when it’s proper uncontrollable laughter aren’t you totally vulnerable but you feel comfortable with who you are with so you don’t even think about that.

It’s like the first day of summer when you finally feel the suns rays reach out and wrap all around you and gently kiss your face.

Today’s world doesn’t always value friendship enough – it’s been blended down to mean just a figure on a social media site.  But some of us still remember the true meaning of the word.

Some of us know the beauty that is friendship and we will nurture it forever.

The joke is that once you have me in your life you never be alone again.

I let in few people but when I do I am there.  Always.

You should never underestimate such a promise.

I don’t lie easily. I say some bad things about myself but I do know I am a good friend.  If I refer to you as a friend then you should treat that as though I gave you my very best crown.  One you should wear with pride, as I will be proud to see you in it.

And that’s what friendship should be.

A shared rejoicing.  You don’t always have to look your best or feel your best, they take the rough with the smooth and that is like the best comfort blanket you will never be able to buy anywhere.


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