Throwback Thursday

960044_10153517865635524_1492507811_n (1)


So here I am – knee high to a grasshopper and looking beyound grumpy.

The truth was and you can only really see this if you zoom in, but a few days before I had a bit of a mishap.

I was pretending I could fly – as you do – and I had my arms stretched out behind me to make my wings.  I used to insist on little patent mary jane shoes, they were either grey or black, that much I don’t recall but they were a bit slippy, especially when running fast in a circle.

I face planted.

Somehow my nose and chin remained fine it was my mouth that got popped open.  My whole top lip and half my bottom lip.

I was wearing a pink dress with a white sailor bib – perfect to really highlight the scary amount of blood.  My Mom used to be a voluteer reading helper at the school I went to and she was coming to find me to say goodbye as she had finished her shift.  What she was greeted with was a Zombie Apocolypse.  I was walking towards her, arms out a little, crying with blood pouring from my mouth and all over my dress and with loads of people from the school all following behind me.

My mouth swelled up to proportions that would make Mick Jagger jealous.  And you know the worst thing – I wasn’t given any time of school, other than a trip to the doctor – I then had to spend days being stared at and having this photo taken…hence being unable to smile!


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