Words of wisdom Wednesday

Today’s world is very immediate.  Everything is wanted and needed not just now but yesterday.  There’s some industries that have always been that way but it seems to seep into everything in life now.  People seem to be apathetic.  That word ‘common’ sense seems to be coming more and more uncommon.  Life is cheap.  It’s just another fast food style commodity.  Which is so wrong.  So very, very wrong.  Life is a beautiful gift, it is short, but wonderful.  You don’t have to be the next Madonna to make a difference…..in fact I’d urge you not to be the next Madonna.  ‘Fame’ is just a side effect of certain careers yet sadly it seems to be what so many now aim for – and they’ll do anything for it – sell their soul with a blink of an eye.  This saddens me.  The world of fame is ugly.  I think most people with money say their biggest thing they realised was that it’s not money that makes you happy.


I remember Kurt Cobain saying he couldn’t wait to make a million bucks then he knew he, his family would be set for life.  Then he made his first million and he realised a lot of it went on staff, tax, legal fees and he was left with very little of that initial million.  He also said he got such joy out of bargain hunting, thrift store shopping and how when you can afford anything pretty much everything loses its sparkle.  When you don’t have money you do of course think that having money would be the answers to your prayers – and without a doubt it would make things….life easier but………isn’t it also truth that nothing worthwhile in life is easy?!  A bit of money to make life comfortable would be lovely but that is all you need.  As long as you have a roof over your head, food on the table, friends and a warm heart then that is all you need.  To me going to bed each night with a clean conscience, knowing I’ve tried to be a good, decent human, I’ve tried to be there for my friends, I’ve tried to be kind to other people and the earth and I’ve not knowingly caused pain or suffering to anyone or anything – then that to me is success.

Not if I appear on TV.  Not if I have a million in the bank.  Not if I am screwing over loads of people to become a ‘successful’ business person.  How many people can truly say they live with a clean conscience and no regrets?


Well…me for one.  And that is how success should be rated.  Money just makes you want more, more things, more money, people become cheap, life becomes cheap.  Somewhere people lost the way – when you have young children thinking it is cool to die on the streets or to take a life on the streets to win ‘respect’ you know the very fabric of society is starting to unravel.

So stop thinking money and fame are the bee all and end all of life and the only way to find success, or that being notorious is something good – or that living fast and dying young is better than being alive and well and making a good difference in this world.

We need to get back to grass roots and remember what is really important and invest time and love into that.

The most valuable thing in the world isn’t gold or diamonds – it is time – time to do your own thing – to be yourself – to be creative – to explore – to look after your loved ones.



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