Music Monday

Well hello – so I’ve been hit with this darn virus that’s going about – couldn’t breathe – almost lost my hearing – yeah it’s been most pleasant (please note the sarcasm).

So that would be why I’ve been absent for a few days – but such is life – these things happen but I will always come back – oh yes, that’s a threat ;op

So music……..I stumbled across a film called Flakes whilst I was off ill.  The girl rides a tricycle and they buy a silver bullet and work in a quirky little community based shop – all things I love the idea of, watching the film a track came on that I started humming along to – throat was still too sore to properly sing too (I hear the world sigh with relief at that), I paused for a moment and thought ‘Awww it’s the Wrens.  I’ve not listened to this track in ages!’


So here is the track – to celebrate all things Monday like.


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