Tuesday treat day

So I mention being kind a lot! That’s because I think it’s easier than we believe and it’s way more important than some of us think.  It’s also something this modern world seems to be forgetting.

There is war everywhere, on grand scales and small scales.  Sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to do each other over, always get the upper hand, me, me, me….selfish and unkind.


Children seem angry, people seem mean.  Life is tough, it’s difficult, sometimes just getting from the beginning to the end of the day can take it all out of you – if along the way you meet someone that is not being kind it can make your day a billion times worse, it can not only ruin your day – it can change lives.  What do I mean? Well these little acts of unkindness can become huge, they can build up momentum, they can become massive………….the blunt honest truth is they can end up taking a life!


To me life should be about unicorns and cupcakes, fluffy clouds and rainbows, sparkles and fairytales, smiles and laughter.  I know it can’t always be like that but everyone should strive to make each day filled with as much of that as possible – make it a daily mission to make someone smile.  Being nice is so much better than being a little bitch.

Yet, still….especially in offices and playgrounds around the world you see people picking on someone to make themselves feel better.  I don’t get how making someone cry and feel bad makes someone feel better – it would crush me to know I had hurt someone, but there you go – it takes all sorts to make the world go round.

So treat yourself today to a smile, and be generous and treat someone else to one too.


Sometimes you may feel you have to bitch about someone to fit in with others but it’s really not worth it – if that’s what it takes to fit into that crowd then why would you want to be in that crowd anyway!? It can take a lot of strength and courage to stand alone – but if you are kind and smile I am sure you won’t be standing on your own for long.

Two ladies that decided to do just that are Molly and Lauren who started the Kind Campaign in America.  It’s a lovely space to create a kind environment.  So many people suffered through school with many even trying to take their life.


Thing is – as wonderful as this campaign is and it really is – at the moment it’s only in the US, and to be honest I think this is something that isn’t just a playground/teen thing – this can affect you through all ages and is something we should all get involved in.

Go check it out:


And whilst you are at it – treat yourself to the Happiness Project book and the 5 year happiness diary that goes with it – keep a record or your happiness and keep a reminder going to be kind.



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