Music Monday

So all around us we hear people talking about celebrities and role models – you hear about this so much – and there are so many celebrities now that we are not even sure what they are famous for – hence people talking about being famous rather than talking about the craft that is sometimes going to lead you there.  Once upon a time the fame was a by product now it seems to be the bee all and end all for some.

I find this a shame.

I do think that whatever your reasons – if you are given a public voice then you should use it as wisely as you can.  This doesn’t mean you can’t mess up sometimes but it does mean you have to be more careful – and you have to be more careful about the image you put out there – whether you like it or not once your face is in the public eye then people will be paying attention.

If you have the appeal that means people will follow what you do purely because it is you that is doing it.  This is again a shame.  When did we decide to hold a light to certain people who do certain things and not to others but anyway – you have that responsibility you should respect it.

Now Eminem says it’s not his job to guide your children and he’s not saying children should listen to his album and they come with a parental advisory sticker so I guess he has a point.

Miley Cyrus is growing up and she’s rebelling in public – she has a right in some ways to do what she wants – but that’s why she has a house so she can do that behind her own four walls and not be all out there for the kids to see.  She has some responsibility there.

Katy Perry got a lot of stick for singing ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ and I agree – it was a lame attempt to get publicity and it worked and it catapulted her – it was a lame message really but should she really be strung up for damaging feminism?
Hasn’t she since gone on to write some songs with positive and empowering lyrics for kids, hasn’t she shown that you don’t have to follow the pack all the time? Ignore whether you actually like her style of music or not – overall hasn’t she actually done more for giving girls a voice?

Justin Beiber – he’s just ruining the chance he had to do the same for boys I think.

Lady Gaga, possibly an odd ball possibly a good PR person – and no matter what you think of her music isn’t it amazing that someone so mainstream has been able to give people a message that it’s ok to be different – to give those kids that feel like they don’t fit in a place, somewhere to feel safe.  I think that can only be a good thing.

So music Monday today is me pondering on what is right and wrong in teen music.

What I find wrong was allowing Britney to have such a public meltdown when she had a whole team of people working for her who could’ve got her help sooner and shielded her – but of course that doesn’t make money!

The biggest crime for music is not Katy Perry singing that song but it is the corporate wheel turning behind it all and using and abusing it’s stars – which then go on to give a message to kids that is so confusing they can end up using and abusing or being used and abused themselves.

So for me, I’d rather applaud the likes of gaga and perry for at least there appears to be a positive message getting through…even if you don’t like the songs they are singing – some of the words are hitting home.


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