Throwback Thursday




This man is/was an awesome man.  His name was Francis Treadgold.  Earlier this year he sadly decided enough was enough and left this world for whatever adventures were in store for him next.  He reminded me of Carl from Up in his looks and (a better copy) of this photo along with a little Carl figurine sit on my bookcase by my writing desk – looking over me! The lady in the picture is his lovely wife Ena.  This was like their 5000 year wedding anniversary – they had been married forever – honestly…..and the look of love in her face as she sat on his knee……I will cherish that memory forever.  

I miss this man every day – not nearly as much as lovely Ena does.  So this week’s throwback thursday is dedicated to the memory of Francis and to the honor I have in having known him for so long.  The love between these two is something you could only hope to ever find and I hope that you all do, these two are seriously little gems in this world.  Two of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Sweet dreams Francis.


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