Words of wisdom Wednesday

I am guessing I am one of the few people on the planet to only just get into the whole Breaking Bad thing? I didn’t like all the fuss and hype around it so avoided it – anything so super appealable to the masses normally doesn’t do it for me…..but this really is – it’s awesome – and it’s drawing to a close too fast – what do I watch after this – it has set the bar SO high! I am still quite shocked that such a show was picked up by so many – it is gritty and so well done….so my words of wisdom for you today is to make sure you watch it! And get this it’s pretty much all on Netflix now and you can get a month’s free subscription so you know…….you can watch it for free! That’s beyond awesome.  I found this out after I had bought the box set but to be honest, I think there are so many twists and turns in this show I will be watching it again…..and again!  Buy it.  Watch it.  Fall in love with it.


I was thinking about some of the morals in the show and how much people will (or won’t) do for family and friends.  I think most people would do anything for family and friends – there is an inbuilt thing isn’t there – you can diss your family but if anyone else does wooooo, don’t go there!  But it’s true isn’t it –you’d lay your life on the line for the people that you love.  And it made me think about would I do what this guy has done? The answer is probably not as I would never know those types of people anyway – but then it made me think – well hold on one moment you would never think a guy like him would be doing what he is doing as you have a stereotypical image of your head and I know this is just a show but there is truth in that – you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

I’ve said on numerous occasions that you should never judge a book by its cover.  That you should never give someone a hard time when you don’t really know what they are going through and the reverse is true as well – don’t trust someone completely just because they look ok.

I actually have this trust thing where I think you should never trust anyone 100%, not even yourself as we are all only human after all.


How much would it cost for you to do something that you always swore you would never do?
It’s an interesting question and one you could never answer until you were in that situation and it depends what was going on in your life at the time…..so truthfully you could only answer that on a day by day level.  What would you be prepared to do to make sure your family and friends were ok?

Your head will start to go to weird places if you have any sort of imagination like mine and the honest answer is this…..I really don’t know!  I hope I never have to find out.

I will always say though that I will do whatever is in my power to protect my friends and family – I don’t let many people in but the people I do let in I am fiercely protective over.  Once you have an Ali in your life she never really goes – I have warned you so don’t blame me ;op

But where is the wisdom in this?
Well the wise know that you don’t knee jerk.  That you assess each individual and each situation as it presents itself.  If you hear someone say that such and such is an ass, don’t just start treating that person as though they are an ass, find out what they are like for yourselves.  If you hear that someone is a loser, well maybe they are just a little different and that could turn out to be a really awesome thing.  Misunderstood by the masses is a plus not a minus against someone’s character in my book.


So the words of wisdom are this, don’t be so quick to judge others, don’t be too quick to judge yourself, don’t put people in boxes and don’t limit yourself.

Have ambitions, have dreams, have hopes, don’t pin too much on any one thing, be free enough to bend and roll and go with the flow.  Live life fully and safely and be kind.

Be kind.

It’s the best two words to live by!


2 thoughts on “Words of wisdom Wednesday

    • Haha it’s too funny but I totally feel your pain – I am quite concerned about what I am going to do! I have even been missing shows I normally watch just so I can have more breaking bad time ;op

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