Music Monday

Today’s music choice is the new Eminem CD – Marshall Mathers  lp 2.



Bad Guy

Parking Lot

Rhyme or Reason

So Much Better





Rap God


Stronger Than I Was

The Monster

So Far….

Love Game


Evil Twin



Groundhog Day

Beautiful Pain

Wicked Ways

Now I have often had comments of ‘Oh wow you don’t look like an Eminem fan!’ but when I ask someone to explain that they can’t.  But you are right if you mean I don’t wear big chain gold jewellery and where tracksuits and baseball caps.  But of course you don’t mean that because that would mean you were being narrow minded and judgemental right?

And um yeah – that leads nicely into how I think Eminem gets a bad rap….see what I did there, yeah I know – forgive me…….it’s Monday.  I think that each time an Eminem CD comes out there is a group of people somewhere that just pour over the lyrics until they can find something that can shout about as homophobic or racist…..and they’ll find something….but here’s the thing……rightly or wrongly – Eminem had a shitty upbringing – he’s not the first and he won’t be the last, but he had two strong females in his life that didn’t treat him the best.  His Mom and his Wife (ex).  He sang about them in bad ways because they had treated him bad.  I guess some of this was down to youth and some of this was down to rapping.  You tell a story – you tell it in different ways depending on who you are telling it to and the medium used.  For art you can exaggerate, for fiction you can exaggerate, the truth is somewhere in the middle of what you way and what others say.  The area you grow up in and the company you keep will alter how you speak and the words that you think are ok.  Sometimes you will do things for the shock value and sometimes it’s performance art where you take on a character and perform – sort of like acting you know.  But like anything – it’s open to interpretation – some of it will be good and some of it will be bad.  But at some point in your life you have to stop thinking about others and do what feels true to you.  Sometimes you have to just suck up the backlash…….but then you go on to make history and become the first artist to get 7 consecutive numbers ones from cd releases it is surely hard to feel that you are doing anything wrong.


Now I might not approve of all the language on a cd but I don’t take offence to Eminem.  I think I get what he is trying to say and why he is saying it the way he does.  When you think about how he’s good friends with Elton John and did the skit with Ali G….you know the one when Ali G’s butt is pretty much right in his face……well how can you then say this guy is homophobic?  I personally wouldn’t even call him a woman hater, I think two women hurt him and he uses that in an artistic way.  You may not approve of that way but then you don’t have to buy his music.

With lines such as ‘we’re the perfect match ‘cause you’re a vacuum and I’m a dirt bag’ you can’t take him too seriously but on the flipside you have to marvel at his use of language and the humour and the insight that is there.


If you don’t like his music fine, but I can’t stand people that dis the guy and his music when it’s obvious they have latched onto a journalist’s story and never really read the lyrics or heard anything.

I think this is one of his best CDs to date. His collaborations work as well as always, as do his samples, there’s a great variety of music on here so…… Enjoy!


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