I’m baaack!

So….I took a week out of the blog world and this is what I have been doing:

I went to a Social Anxiety CBT Group.  For me I learnt absolutely nothing but I am almost two years into studying a CBT course to become a practitioner (I don’t know whether I will actually do that – it’s just something I was interested in, but the older I get the more I want to see less of people, so I am thinking it will help with my fiction writing and am contemplating studying animal psychology instead…..but that’s another blog post I am sure).  It was good for me to go to a strange place, to be with a group of people I didn’t know and to actually be able to speak out.  But that’s the thing – my SA isn’t about meeting people for the first time – the first time doesn’t really worry me – it’s all the times after that……I am guessing it’s because then I worry more about being judged.  Anyway – I went – I conquered and came out with a worksheet.  And now I wait and wait and wait for the counselling to begin!

I went to a big firework display.  This was a bit of a tricky one for me as it was held at Alexandra Palace, a place I swore I would give no more money too due to the hair thief incident last year at the Vans Warped Tour.  They had huge issues with over crowding and not planning rooms properly and what do you know – the firework ‘Back with a Bang’ after 4 years of being away and changing from being a free event to a paid for ticket holders only event – well – yeah there were huge issues with overcrowding.  Your ticket was for a beer festival, a fun fair and the fireworks.  Well they put the fun fair in a place that had restrictions to how many people could go and there was no free flowing movement around the fair – so yeah most people never got to go anywhere near the fair.  The same happened with the beer festival – it became over crowded really early and no one could get in….not only that – they ran out of nearly all the beer!!! So yeah – that left the fireworks.  They were good, they were fireworks, they sparkle of course I am going to like them.  But, were they better than the free events they used to do? Not at all.  The crescendo of the display used to be amazing – this year it sort of happened and people only knew it was over because the gap between fireworks got longer and longer…..and longer…..until one lone little firework went off and people started to trudge through the mud to make their way home.



I stopped off at my friends house and found something strange had happened to her cat.


I did lots of studying for my CBT course and also my proof reading and editing course.


I make an awesome collage for my friend who requested I wrote a verse for her to put into her library and she wanted to put it in a frame – so this is what I did:


I started watching Breaking Bad and good grief – it is awesome – I am only on season 2 so no spoilers people!


I found all these fantastical unicorn goodies and want them ALL for Christmas please Mr Santa.




I have cooked 4 meals from scratch.  You may think nothing of this – but I do not cook! So this has been quite a monumental thing for me.  I hope I keep it up – but boy, working full time, studying two courses, watching breaking bad and trying to be fabulous takes up a lot of my time!

And I’ve been reading lots of Sarra Manning – lovely escapism reading – if you’ve not read anything by her then……bigger fool you ;op


I hope you have all been well and didn’t miss me too much.



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