Blood lust

Blood lust?
What an incredibly strange thing to admit to having.

What a weird thing to support, which we do – by allowing people to hunt.

To me – nothing should ever lose its life due to sport or entertainment.

A little while ago I was watching an animal rescue show – I am a sucker for most things in nature, and like many – especially cute baby things.  BUT – I see that everything has its place and a value to nature and to the world and therefore to us human beings, despite us trying to make out we are superior or above all of this – we are part of the circle of life and we are part of the whole eco system that makes up our planet.  It’s just a shame we have been blinded/convinced or are just too stupid to make the connection.


I know hunting is not new – but we are meant to be more educated and more civilised now.

When you are hunting for survival that is one thing.  Even as a vegetarian I can see that.  But when it’s for sport/entertainment you can do one.

Anyway – back to the animal show – this was about a very ‘professionally’ organised dog fighting ring.  There were over 40 dogs in this one space, one of them was all crippled up from damage to his legs that hadn’t been treated properly.  There were tonnes of illegally gained vet equipment for suturing up the dogs wounds.  There was a bundle of puppies all cute and flopsy – not realising what was awaiting their fate at the hands of the owners.  The dogs look scared or suspicious.  Their faces covered in scars.  There was a ring at the back of the property with blood on a mat.  There was a stressed out racoon elevated in the air trapped in cage, ready for the dogs to chase to get the hunger in them to chase, and hurt, something living.


Then something really harrowing happened – they showed a video that had been found.  A group of ‘grown’ ‘men’ standing around these dogs – getting up really close and really goading these dogs to attack and then to carry on attacking.  The interesting thing to me was how much the dogs didn’t want to do this and how much the men had to goad them to do it.  It obviously was not a natural behaviour or some deep routed instinct in them.

All of the dogs were rescued and all of the dogs had to be put down due to the behaviours they were being forced to learn.  At the end of the day a dog wants to please its master and if its master is an asshole it doesn’t really have the ability to pick and choose what is obeys. 


The owners of this dog fighting ring were only banned from having pets for a certain number of years – to me they should never be in charge of a living thing again.  They should be treated with manslaughter and murder, but that’s just my opinion.

Then last night I was watching the documentary on Bigfoot, proper scientific research being used to confirm or dispel the rumours and stories surrounding this creature.  There were a number of people in America that had sworn to sightings of Bigfoot and many that said they had samples of its hair.


In the end the samples turned out to be of bears or wolves, and even one time a porcupine.  But what really scared me was this guy that had gone out hunting – he wanted to ‘Kill something.’

Why do we support such a thing? If someone ‘wants to just kill something’ to me that is scary – that is a danger to society – you feed that blood lust and how do you contain that to ‘just’ animals? And why oh why is it ok to just kill an animal…to take a life…..just for shits and giggles.  The guy even admitted he had blood lust.

I get this world a little less each day.

Scratch that.

I get human behaviour a little less each day.


I’m not ashamed to be a human as I know I try to live in a harmonious way – but I am ashamed of many character traits that a ridiculous amount of humans show and believe in and the crazy things that the majority support.

The world is a beautiful place but we are truly ruining it.

It was a beautiful gift to us – nothing short of a miracle.  I really do think it’s about time we started to treat the planet with more respect again – and everything on it whether animal or human.  To spend a bit more time each day feeling thankful and grateful.


2 thoughts on “Blood lust

  1. We live in an area where hunting is a way of life. We, too, are vegetarians. Even as such, we can understand the desire some people have to hunt. I was raised to hunt. My father took me on many hunts – dove, rabbit, squirrel, boar, deer, etc . We hunted for food. I was taught to respect the animals. My father never relished the act of killing. In the time and place that he was raised, hunting and killing animals was a necessity of life. I understand that. He understood that I didn’t like the killing, and he respected that. We would hunt, he would make the kill. All of that being said, I will never understand people who just want to kill something for the sake of killing it. I still hunt, but I don’t kill. I just enjoy the excitement of the hunt.

    • I think killing for food is very different to killing for ‘fun’. I think, as well that if a lot more people had to kill the food they ate then a lot more people would be vegetarian ;o) But yeah – killing for fun is wrong on so many levels.

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