Hump Day

Even roses need shit to grow! Come on, think about it, it’s true!


I may’ve accidentally got too sucked into an episode of The Simple Life once – maybe I lost the remote control for a moment or something – but I remember hearing this old Southern guy saying about how he doubts the pair of them had even thought about the night sky and that they had probably never just sat outside and just be one with nature and watch the stars.

It makes you think about how fast this world is moving – how everything is about time.

I don’t have time.

Well actually yes you do.  You have all the time in the world, what you might not have is time management at it’s peak.

You might not be prioritising the right things.

You might be looking at others thinking they have it all when really they don’t!


And this is the thing……….you will forever be made to feel you don’t have enough, that you need to be working harder, that you need to show you are a good employee by selling your soul to your company and never seeing your family – but it’s ok you are providing for their future, but if you carry on like their future will be without you – either from early health issues or divorce if they never see you.

Life isn’t easy but today’s world puts way too much pressure and negativity onto people’s shoulders until you realise you are so weighed down by the bullshit that you can barely move.

So look, I’ve gone and brought up that word ‘shit’ again! But it is true – you have to take the rough with the smooth, you have to go through the dull times to appreciate the sparkle.  Go through struggles to appreciate the times we coast through life.  Everything seems to have a plus and a minus.

You have to remember when you look at someone enviously – that you only know what they are letting you see – you don’t really know what is going on behind closed doors – or what is going on inside their head.


You have a unique life and you shouldn’t judge it on anything other than whether you are happy with what you are doing and where your life is going and if you are not happy with it then you and only you have the power to change that.

Yes, I know – that sounds like rot when you are at the bottom looking up – the climb is too far and too hard.  You feel like you are kicked down every time and that my friend, is because you are not learning the right lessons.

We learn the best lessons through our biggest mistakes.

We appreciate the good times because we have the bad times to go through to give a contrast.

We are all unique and that should be celebrated not denied or hidden.


Life is beautiful.  You have to remember that.  Nature is beautiful – I don’t think anyone can deny that but it too has to do some things that are deemed too lovely to keep the flow going and the majority surviving.  Nothing is without its flaws – but that shouldn’t be a shameful thing.

Celebrate your flaws.  Who is to say what is normal anyway, I mean what does that word even mean!?

I look around me all the time and see the evil and destruction that money creates.

This tells me that money is not the answer.

When you go out into nature and enjoy the land that is there all the time – you feel calmer, more relaxed, there is an air of tranquillity that washes over you – that’s because we are back where we belong – we were always meant to be part of the circle of nature but for some reason humans decided they were to stand above it and watch (which of course changed the shape of the wheel and has caused, you guess it, a world of shit!)


When I see someone screeching around in a Ferrari I am not jealous – I actually almost pity the person who has to use their wealth in a way to show off to people even though it’s not cost effective to drive a Ferrari through a city – nor are you covered by insurance if you park in a city (most insurers don’t cover you anyway) and I bet no one waves you out at the traffic lights.  Is it really a smoother ride? No it’s to let everyone know you have money.  Well how sad.  I’d rather have people think I was cool or good or decent because of something I do that gives to humanity.

This world’s an ugly place……sang Blink 182 and I do agree – I think it’s ugly due to human greed, you get rid of that and the world works in beautiful harmony.  The circle turns.  So when you think of a circle it’s a loop – it goes back to the beginning and starts again.  Karma – what goes around comes around – it’s a circle again – which means things go full circle which must surely mean, then, that it all incorporates all emotions but ultimately works well and the right thing happen in the end.


We have to go through the full spectrum of emotions and I guess ultimately that is what gives us a richer life, where we can appreciate everything and have the opportunities to learn and grow which is really a major part of what life is about.

So when things don’t seem so great remember that there is normally a reason for it – lessons in it for you and that there will be much better times to come!


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