Throwback Thursday


And here I am – fresh out of hospital – covered in bruises (check out my neck) and so very pale from the anaemia.  This must be about 4 years ago? Something hadn’t gone quite right in the operation and they had to keep me in over night.  I was not best pleased.  I was then woken up on the hour every hour to have my vitals taken so a good night sleep was not on the menu.  The first time the nurse took my vitals she ran away and made an emergency call – she came back moments later and did all the tests again in haste and then look relieved.  Apparently all my vitals had dropped.  Then, in the morning, one of the surgeons gave me his mobile number saying I should call him direct if there were any problems.  Then they phoned me every day once I was home to make sure things were ok.  Not that this made me freak out at all and never did I find out just what they thought they may have done. This was the second operation this surgeon attempted and failed at…….the next time it was done was at another hospital – fingers crossed this one was third time lucky – although I did start to die on the operating theater……but that’s another story for another Thursday maybe!


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