Words of Wisdom Wednesday

We live in an age where too much is about quantity and not enough is about quality.

How much money do you earn?

What job title do you have?

How many friends do you have?

Where did you go on holiday last year?

What label is in your clothes?


Really the questions should be this…..

Hi How are you?
Are you a nice person? (That would be an internal question to ask yourself – just so you know)

And really that is all that should matter.


If you really want to talk about holidays, talk about what someone did – did it make them feel recharged and relaxed.

If you want to know what car they drive – ask yourself why!

What does it matter what job title you have – is your job the only thing that defines you? Isn’t your job one of the things that gives you money so you can define yourself in other ways?

Life should never be about how many friends you have – you could have 100 shit ones – or you could have one super amazing awesome one – and that would make you the far richer person – but if you just class friends on numbers…..well really doesn’t that make you the loser? I don’t mean that in an aggressive way – just if that is what you think friendship is about….how many figures it says on facebook then oh wow wee.



Live your life for you – not for what other people may say or think.
Don’t do or say things just to try to appear cool.


Do you know how many people have taken to lying about their social life because of things like facebook?

Did you know that people who check their facebook really frequently are thought to become more depressed and disillusioned by their life?

If you shop to find the things you like and that fit you – then you will normally look ok or even sometimes look pretty damn good – if you only buy what is in the magazines and only buy something because it will be cool to tell someone that the label rubbing the back of your neck says Dior instead of New Look – well there are so many things I have to say to you and none of them will be that positiv 

We all need to start being kinder to ourselves – kinder to each other – we need to stop living life like it’s a competition.  We need to stop focusing on money so much.

There’s this guy – he was ‘doing what he was meant to’ high flying job, earning lots of money, loads of people to go to parties with but get this – he was not happy! So he took a year out – gave it all up, including money.  He said he’s never been happier and never had so many friends.

Go figure – could it possibly be that the whole money thing is to keep us down, to keep us controlled, to keep us never feeling good enough – there is always something more to buy – and own and get and compete for and with and then BAM before we know it – we are controlled by the corporate wheel of greed and jealousy that fuels the marketing world – that fuels the banking world that fuels the banks and empties our pockets.

And who is behind all this getting super duper rich and laughing at the world – one or two big families.  So the point of it all is what?

Surely the point of it all is to live a happy and contented life.  To be kind to your friends and family and if you choose to have children to bring them up to be kind and to provide a safe world for them.


I heard something hideous last week…..’I don’t care what damage it does to the earth in the future – I am here now and it’s making me rich!’

Well what a gosh darn twat he is!

Two things people, two things:

WE ARE LOANED THIS EARTH – WE DON’T OWN IT – WE ARE BORROWING IT TEMPORARILY FROM THE NEXT GENERATION…..those would be your children, your nephews and nieces, they would be our future.


 Humans made a mistake the minute they thought they weren’t part of nature, that they weren’t part of the wheel of life.

The earth provides for everything and everyone and it’s an intricate web, a sophisticated wheel, it all works if we all work together in harmony and eliminate greed as much as possible.  IF WE TAKE ONLY WHAT WE NEED….think about that today – as you go shopping – as you use people emotionally or give to them emotionally – whatever you are doing today – take only what you need no more and no less.


These are the things that are important to me.

I don’t care where you work or how much you earn, I care about whether you are kind, whether you are funny, whether you can be smart, whether you are free…………………….

 Next time someone asks you what you do – please tell them about how you live your life and not what you do for your 9 to 5.  Take that competition out of it.  Take that preconceived judgement out of it.

“What do you do Alison?”
“Oh me, I like to spend time with my loved ones, and laugh and see the world, like properly see the world and when I am not doing that….well I am always doing that – I also like to study and write and sing when I think no one is listening.  I try to live my life by treading as lightly as possible and keeping the good ones close to me.”


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