More and more and more

So I figured I was due a treat (yeah right I know like every day please haha) and I found this lovely bracelet in a gorgeous little shop called Crocodile Antiques.  It wasn’t at quite my favorite price of Free but it was half price ;o)

20131006_162100_1 20131006_162130_1

Then I thought I’d look at the usual shambles of  the ‘fashion’ world.  So yeah cute little pink/salmon velvet nightie as a dress, but why on why is the price tag so high and being featured in a regular weekly magazine?


For once I found something I quite liked though – I wouldn’t sneeze at these boots or the cardigan.



So yeah they have a lovely Joan Collins feel to them but honestly!?!?!



And um I know it says Crash but it really does appear to say ‘Rash’ and do you really want to be walking around telling the world that???


Or do you think this one will catch on? A nice camel brown blurgh or shapelessness?


So my advice to you is ignore the fashion magazines – rip up the rule book – find some bargains and style yourself!!!!


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