Another treat for you this Tuesday


If you read Stargirl then you will want to read this.

If you haven’t read Stargirl – why on earth not?

Do you dare to be different?

Kick out against what is expected of you and be true to yourself.

It sounds so simple but not many people do that, too many are scared of not being accepted and live a life not fully true to themselves.  This is most definitely not the case with Stargirl.

She is different.  She embraces it.  She tried to go to a regular school and it didn’t work out for her and her family moved away.  New beginnings.  This is where Love Stargirl picks up the story.  Stargirl moved away from Leo.  Leo was her love, the narrator of the first book.  This time it is Stargirls turn. 

In a year long letter to Leo we get to explore the world of Stargirl again and all the lives she is involved with and the people she changes and the things she notices.  It’s magical, it’s beautiful, it was a joy to spend some time with Stargirl again. 


Buy these books people – again it doesn’t matter what age you are – you will get something from this – you will learn it is beautiful to be different.


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