Tra la la – Music Monday


They come from London and they are:

Max Bloom – guitar, vocals

Mariko Doi – bass

Jonny Rogoff – drums

Ed Hayes – guitar (who joined in 2013)

Daniel Blumberg – vocals, guitar (who left in 2013)


They’ve been my little low-fi loves since their debut album, also called Yuck came out in 2011.


The song Operation on this album is one of my favourite pick me up songs.

Their new album Glow and Behold is out now.  Released on 27 September.  I was really looking forward to it, and it’s not that I felt let down by the first listen – it was just lacking something that the first album had.  About half way through the album picks up a pace, only to go back down again to their low fi tra la la. 


Ok this is sounding more negative than it is meant.  Yuck have this lovely low fi sound with a bit of nice oompfy chuggy bass and guitar going on, then they can also do sugar sweet low fi.  To me the debut album has a really lovely mixture of both styles throughout the whole CD but Glow and Behold seems to  lean too heavily on the more sugar sweet low fi.  This in itself is not a problem as such – it still makes for a lovely pleasant indie low fi album.  But I know of the greatness they are capable of and I don’t think they pulled enough punches on this CD, maybe they had to play it a bit safer, maybe they felt a bit more chilled out.  If you have not heard any of Yuck before – get both CDs, you will see what I mean.


In between albums Daniel left the band – and maybe this is why the sound has changed somewhat.  It may’ve changed but they are by no means ready to be written off. 

 I think Glow and Behold will be a grower, whereas Yuck was an instant hit with me.

 If you like My Bloody Valentine then Yuck should be in your music collection too. 






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