Treat Tuesday

It’s Treat Tuesday and what do you know I treated myself to some goodies.

I bought two DVD’s.

Now North America is just awesome – the scenery is mind blowing, it’s breath taking, it is humbling and makes you appreciate the natural beauty around us and to realise what a wonderful place this world really is.


Arctic with Bruce Parry is another amazing set of viewing.  He travels all around the arctic meeting different families along the way – he embraces their way of life for a day or two and travels on – showing us the ways of old and how the modern world is creeping in on these places, with some positives but many negatives, how the young are torn between the old ways, their ancestry and the ways of the more modern world.  I always find the shows that Bruce Parry does to be really interesting but I always get freaked out by how much he touches people!


Both dvd sets are breath taking and impulsive watching.

I also treated myself to a grey and white skull print scarf – I mean winter is coming and a girl can never have enough accessories.

I love having new clothes – I don’t like the shopping experience so much but having new things to wear is lovely – and then I opened the fashion pages of a magazine – oh it made me laugh……I know, blogs these days are meant to be saying fashion is fantastic but lets be honest sometimes it’s just plain hideous.



I wouldn’t even wear this as a darn dressing gown let alone a coat!


 Who? Seriously who was this for? When did you last see someone pop out in a head thing like this?  It made me think of a slightly demented cockerel, probably not the look most people are going for when they get dressed!



This dress was thousands of pounds……the same effect can be achieved by standing too close to an open fire!



Words fail me on this one – I like individual style – in fact I would say it was a must – but I did use the word ‘style!’



Look – even she is throwing her hands up in despair.  But isn’t the black lace lovely – my inner goth child approves.

So go buy something lovely this Tuesday – something that suits you and not what the fashion magazines are trying to convince you is to die for!!! 


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