It’s just another Manic Monday

So it is Monday again.

I still feel broken from the weekend.  Either that or I am coming down with something – but saying broken from the weekend makes me sound/feel far more rock n roll than someone who maybe is about to become a snot machine!

So talking about being more rock n roll I think this should be the theme to Music Monday!


New Found Glory had a new single out recently called ‘Connect the Dots’ and a new album will follow soon enough.


Blink 182 have been out on tour across America and Canada – you lucky people you!  And Mark Hoppus announced that in 2014 there will be a new blink album.  That makes me happier than you would believe!

And on Friday I went to the Jubilee Club run by Chris McCormack – who used to be in 3 Colours Red and played guitar for Gary Numan, so have an old 3 Colours Red video to check out:


And I was talking to Chris about his brother Danny, and Danny used to be in The Wildhearts and The Yo-Yo’s so……….you guessed it check them out:


And I super love this song by the yo-yo’s


Happy listening/viewing people.




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