Throwback Thursday

I am not ‘throwing back’ too far with this one.

This was my birthday weekend with two of my dearest friends in a place that feels like my home from home.  (now I have the song ‘Home from Home’ in my head by the yo-yo’s for the day – thanks self!)

Anyhow left to right – that would be Marion, Sophie and my ‘good’ self ImageIs it just me or do Marion and Sophie look stoned and I look like I did something they are yet to find out about!!! I can assure you they were not, and I didn’t!

We were in Swanage – somewhere on the south coast, it’s part of the Jurassic coast and is super pretty.  It’s a seaside town so far unspoiled but only time will tell if more people will move in only buying holiday homes and ruin more of the coast for us all – but that’s another rant for another day.

Swanage is somewhere I went to a lot as a child and I love it there, it really evokes a feeling of coming home to me as I near the place.  I don’t get to visit often enough so this year I wanted to make sure I could share the place with some friends….and they got why it was so special to me.

On my birthday weekend there is always a carnival rounded off with some amazing fireworks. I do of course say this is all in my honor, it’s not but you can pretend along with me.  And the Princess Fairy of the ball, i.e the birthday girl a.k.a yours truly – was bought a flashing light up magic wand.  And yes it is now pride of place on my bookcase.


(And over my shoulder is a guest appearance from my little nephew Joel, see the place is so special one of my brothers and his family happened to be down there at the same time.)

So today’s Throwback Thursday is in honor of special places, special people, friendship, magic wands, birthdays and therefore cake!


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