Don’t wear beige – it will kill you……….

Fabulous Fashionistas…what a show – well done Channel 4 (not something I say all that often about TV)

I really don’t like fashion.  I like clothes, I like accessories but I do tend to agree with that old saying that fashion is so ugly that is why it is changed so frequently.

So this title of a TV show almost passed me by.

But then (thank goodness) I saw the advert and heard someone talk about it at work.

I like free thinking.  I like a bit of an independent spirit.  I like people to not conform to what they ‘should’.

Twinsets and pearls? Well only if you want to dahling.

Skateboard as transport – well then hell yes.

It should not be about age.

If you have your health you should be out there living life, not doing what people expect from you – that is how you live a life of regret.

Don’t just sit there and let life happen around you – that is how you get old.

Never give up.

Always give 110%.

If you fancy a day being lazy then do it 110% don’t do it and feel guilty and only half indulge in it.

Take life by the horns…….and take a leaf or two out of these ladies book!

You have Jean Woods (75) – I want her to be my Gran – I think she is absolutely awesome.  Her way of thinking – her spirit – what a fabulous lady.


Sue Kreitzman (73) – she seemed like an interesting lady but I don’t think the show featured her enough – it does leave you thinking you don’t know that much about her but she did seem to embrace colour and embrace life – so thumbs up to both of those!


Gillian Lynne (87) – you won’t believe her age – she moves better than I do now and I am many years younger.


Bridget Sojourner (75) – so stylish you would swear she was mega rich but in fact all her clothes are from charity store – and cheap at that!


Daphne Selfe (85) – Model extraordinaire – in her 80’s. Go Girl!


Lady Trumpington (91) – (well the child in my loved the surname for a start) Lady wasn’t quite as ‘fashion’ or ‘high street’ as the others but she had a spirit in her – a ‘I don’t give a….’ kind of spirit.


They were all/are all amazingly independent women.

‘I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about me.’

‘I’m now 85 and I think [about] when I get old… but so far I haven’t got old’.

‘You just mustn’t allow the ageing process in’

 ‘The moment you start letting yourself go is the moment when you are old’

Bridget and Jean were by far my favourites – and that is not to play down anyone else on this show – just if I could be anyone when I was older – I’d like to be me but with the spirit of Bridget and Jean! In fact – I’d happily visit them both for cake and a gossip, weekly!  If you’re listening Bridget and Jean – give me a call…..I need some life advice!!


Watch the show whilst you still can:


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