Treat Tuesday

One of the best things in the world is friendship.  Gossip, wine, cake, tea…’s all up there as some of my favourite ways to pass the time.


(this was Vinteas in Royal Leamington Spa – it’s a lovely place, lovely food, amazing choice of teas and coffees and really lovely staff)

This week is my friend Marion’s birthday.


And we pretty much did all the above.  It doesn’t have to cost mega bucks but is something to be savoured and enjoyed.

And that’s my advice for a treat on a Tuesday – meet up with a friend – have a coffee, have a chat and have a giggle and see how much better you feel.


(I’d been looking for these for ages as I love anything Black Cherry – and although nice – they were not worth the wait)

There are also these awesome little things – bath bombs that leave behind a little mermaid whose tail changes colour in the water.  Come on, who doesn’t want one of these Magic Mermaids.  Rubber ducks in the bath are so over!


In the world of fashion the treats are not so treatful………….



 These are good though!


 (but not so much the hat on this one)


I also bought some books – I know – surprised you right!


I have read Adorkable by Sarra Manning out of these three gems – but it’s so lovely I had to buy lots more of Sarra Mannings books.  You can find her on twitter and you can find out more about her from her website and blog

Adorkable is about Jeane Smith – she is a blogger extraordinaire, she is a dreamer, she dares to be different, she lives away from her parents and goes to school when she feels like it.  She has a few friends in real life and gazillions of online friends.  She falls for the most popular boy in the school and this leaves her questioning many things about the life she thought had been so perfect.  It’s a lovely coming of age story, of not being afraid to stand out but not getting lost in the world you create to protect you from the world.

Along with Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli – I have definitely found two new favorite authors this week and that makes me happy – I now have a tonne of new books to buy and read.

Happy shopping people – I mean everyone needs a little treat once in a while don’t they.


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