Star Girl

I may be an adult but I have a firm grip on my childhood and my innocent ways of thinking.  My imagination is still allowed to run wild, I’ve never reined that in and I never care to.


I know I sometimes see the world in a way that is different to the ‘norm’, but who wants to be normal anyway?
Well, most high school kids to be fair.  Most of us hit an age where all we want to do is fit in.  Some of us manage it, some of us fake it, and some of us feel all the more alienated for even trying.

Jerry Spinelli captures this in words that evoke such strong emotions – even though I am starting to dip my toe in the world of being a Young Adults writer, I still don’t really know how he does it.

The language is simple, yet the emotion it provokes is complex.

Star Girl has fast rocketed up the list of ‘Favourite books. Ever.’

I wish I had known of this book when I was at school.


I didn’t fit in.  I was told I was always a step ahead in what I did and the things that interested me.  And when the rest of my year caught up – I had moved on to something different – accidentally pushing myself into being an outcast.  I’ve always felt too weird for the ‘straight’ kids and not weird enough for the ‘weird’ kids.  I never found the jigsaw that the piece that is me fits into.

I still haven’t.

I don’t think I ever will, so I am trying to embrace just being me.

If you like it that’s fantastic, and by ‘it’, I mean me.  If you don’t then there is little I can do about it to be honest – I can’t help but be me, I can’t really be anything else but be me and if you want me to change or try to make me change – ‘we’ probably shouldn’t ‘be’ in the first place.

Star Girl blew my mind.  I read most of it on a train journey to see a friend, I devoured the rest the following morning, and once I had finished it I just wanted to start reading it all over again.


Star Girl isn’t like the rest of the people at school.  She’s lovely.  She’s kind.  She wants to do things for others, purely to do kind things for others.  She goes to some extremes to find out people’s birthdays and the things they like.  She follows people and makes up a story about who they are and how they became who they are.  She pays attention but doesn’t let the world squash her.  When she starts a new school the children are fascinated by her.  The fascination fast becomes suspicion, and because they can’t pin her down or put her in a box it confuses them.  And because it confuses them they want to stamp her out.

This is the story of one little girl trying to fit in and the issues involved in trying to be something you are not.


Whatever your age, whatever your sex this is one book you really should read!


2 thoughts on “Star Girl

    • Thank you for bringing it into my. Life 🙂 I’ve since purchased my own copy and a couple oof his other books. Had a friends birthday to go to this weekend so haven’t had chance to read holes yet but another train journey at the weekend so
      .. :o) xx

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