Music Monday

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull


Now let’s get the gripe out of the way first – why two different editions? If you make an album and are pleased with the tracks then set that album free – don’t put out to versions with slightly different prices.  That just smells of stupid record industry rot that I don’t like – you may be able to tell.  And that’s a dig at the record label and not the band!

Now with that out of the way, of course I did buy the deluxe version as to me if the tracks were meant to be on the album then that is how I should be hearing it.

So the track listing for the deluxe versions is thus:


Rock City

Don’t Matter

Beautiful War


Wait For Me

Family Tree

Comeback Story


Coming Back Again

On The Chin

Work On Me

Last Mile Home


I don’t think that King’s of Leon will ever pull major musical punches but that’s not a bad thing – they have found a sound that works for them and for the fans and they deliver and slightly tweaked version of that with each album, so there is growth, there is a richness to sound that gets thicker with each release.  You know what to expect from a Kings of Leon album, not in a boring way but more in a comfort blanket kind of way.  I think that Caleb’s vocals get clearer and clearer as his confidence has soared.


The brothers (and cousin) are now family people so there is more of a family flavour to this album, less about shagging around and more about the complications and delicacies of relationships.  Kings of Leon are nothing if not honest.  And I like them all the more for it.  They can poke fun at themselves and they do admit to things not always being peachy.  They may be married to models (ok so that’s only Caleb) but he will admit to the human side of the relationship.  All the tracks are driven by a melodic bass line and rising drums and there’s almost a gospel feel to some of the backing vocals.  Kings of Leon are a band that I have loved from the early days.  The days when they were all mumbled vocals and big, big hair.  Today I don’t tend to go to their shows as much – I loved them in the smaller venues but didn’t like some of the fans in the bigger venues.  I feel the time has come to change that and go and see them in one of the bigger venues again and ignore the football hooligan element of the crowd.  The music scene doesn’t always interest me anymore but I was eagerly awaiting this release and I feel that Kings of Leon are still most definitely a band that are still relevant to todays’ sound, they still have a lot to say and long may they continue saying it.


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