Tuesday treats

So I decided I needed a little pick me up and went to find myself a new lippy or a new nail polish.

And came away with both.  As you do. But I also bagged a free pair of sunglasses (that promptly went in the donations bag for charity – now I know I have a thin face but dear god these made me look like the biggest bug eyed thing to ever exist), anyway – I tried out the new Bourjois 1 second nail enamel in Bleu moonlight – yeah ok it has a bit of sparkle and a cool name so I thought I would give it a go.


Hmmm.  Nice colour, a little too dark on the nails so you don’t really get to see the sparkle. Amazing brush – it does take a little longer than one second though as I don’t think you can precisely do any nail (unless qualified as a nail technician) to do the nails of both hands with just one stroke.  It went on nicely though and lasted all of half a day before one nail was chipped.  I reapplied the nail polish, giving it two more coats.  By the time I got to work the next day one nail was really badly chipped.  Not so impressed – hence the ‘hmmm’ to start the review.


On the other hand the Lip Crayon in Fuschia Libre that I also bought is pretty lovely – it’s very smooth on the lips, your lips don’t dry out and it does stay put through breakfast and one or two coffees.  Not bad. 


I tried it out on my hand first and there was a lovely shimmer to it that is sadly lost once applied to your mouth – but the colour is bright and fresh and not too thick.  I like it enough to go and try a few more colours, so thumbs up for this one and I’d recommend it to anyone else that wants a little pick me up or a new lippy.

Things not to try though:


I mean what? Even the skinniest of the skinny is going to look odd in this! Sometimes I think fashion is put out there just to see who of us is strong enough to realise the joke and walk away – quickly!

On the other hand……..


I know it’s not very wintery but I hate just wearing black and grey come winter – you could put a nice cardi with this and make it a winter dress I am sure.  This I love.


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