Whoop whoop for the weekend!

It’s Friday!!!! But alas the sun is no longer shining.

I love Autumn for the colours but this rain is just so not good for my hair!!!


So what’s going on this weekend in London?

Music and Antique night – Bermondsey Square

Sounds like a bizarre mix at first but it could potentially be a bit good. An evening antique and vintage flea market in Bermondsey Square with bands playing!


Fashion Film Festival

St Martin’s Courtyard, Sep 15 – 17

London Fashion week is kicking off and there will be a special cinema in Covent Garden.  This is free and will be running for 3 days.  You will be able to watch highlights from the catwalk shows and see Zoolander, The September Issue and Grey Gardens.


Old Selfridges Hotel will be hosting an exhibition of work that merges together over 60 influential creative Londoners.  I don’t know who chose this 60 but it includes people like Gilbert and George, Giles Deacon and Alexander McQueen.  It starts this week and runs through October.


The Mayor’s Thames Festival is still running and will reach its climax this weekend so if you can brave the weather go!


Leonard Cohen plays at The O2 on Sunday


And although not quite the weekend Yuck will play at The Macbeth in Shoreditch on Tues through to Thursday – they are a bit awesome so you should definitely go to this!


As for me – I have a weekend of coursework, or more realistically lying on the sofa with my poorly knee elevated watching movies.  I am sure wine will be involved in their somewhere too.  I feel like having a spring clean – even though it’s the beginnings of Autumn – I think a de-clutter is good for the soul.  I do have the ultimate excuse to be lazy though thanks to my damaged Patella, so……..this weekend I won’t be being lazy no, no, I like to call it investing in myself! It’s important to do don’t you know!


Whatever you do this weekend – have a good one.

And remember if there is something that you would like to tell people about that is happening let me know – I might just feature it here!



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