It’s a cause that is very dear to my heart and something I have supported for many years.

Recently the actor Tom Hardy used his fame for some good and did a 2 part documentary on the issues facing the Elephant and the Rhino in Africa.

I have long had arguments with people who call the poachers every name under the sun – that it’s not them that the hate should really be directed too it’s the rich people that demand such goods and make the Rhino and the Elephant more valuable dead than alive.

In my book/world no living thing should ever be harmed for sport or for a trinket.


Animals are as much of a part of our world as we are theirs and there is no reason to say that we are more important.  Nature is intricate and fragile and has worked out a balance over millions of years that if left alone without greed and stupidity would work just fine.  Unfortunately, human ‘kind’ sometimes has stupid ideas.

The results are not usually pretty.

Anyway – going back to the Elephants – they are a wonderful, lovely, caring, intelligent animal.


Check out the website and if you can please donate or even better, foster and elephant and really see the work that the wonderful Dame Daphne and her team do and get to hear all about your chosen Elephant.  I honestly think it will give you a little bit of joy whenever you get your update on your animal and helps you see how a little bit of help can have great rewards.



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