Words of Wisdom Wednesday!! It’s the simple things……

We live in a modern world, in modern times, with modern “trappings” – see think about that word for a moment.

You then watch the news in these modern times and realise that humans seem to learn very little.  History repeats; far too often and for no good reason.

I often wish I could live in a world where there was no religion, no money and no greed.

Then we’d live in a wonderful world don’t you think?

The modern world has some amazing things about it but all too often we find ourselves getting weighed down by things that don’t really matter and shouldn’t be that important.

The more you have in life the more complicated things become so you should try to live as simply as possible.

The less you have the less you feel tied to and the easy it will be to start again or to move on.

Every day is a new beginning.

Every day we could start afresh.

I find myself sometimes wondering about moving and then I don’t because I have too much stuff.

How ridiculous.

So the plan is to enjoy the simpler things in life – live a more simple life.

Fill your life with laughter and friends.

That does not have to cost you a penny.


Some of the most truest rawest forms of happiness have been caused by a lovely cloud formation, a brilliant sunset, watching squirrels play or spring lambs jump about.  It can be laughing so hard with friends that you ache and you can’t even remember what you are laughing at.  Watching a kind act from one human to another.

The simple things in life…..quite often have the biggest impacts on us ever.

So fill your life with the simple things!!


2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom Wednesday!! It’s the simple things……

  1. I loved your blog today about living simply, it’s very inspiring and think the world would be a better place if we all lived from the heart. Thank you for reminding me of that :)!!

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