Tuesday Treats

Treat Tuesday

I find that I shop to make myself feel better.  Yes, that classic old case.  I am totally the girl with a wardrobe bursting at the seams but never has anything to wear.

If I feel a bit down I will hit the shops.  It’s an instant fix that lasts like ooo 5 minutes if I am lucky! So yes, ridiculous and totally buying into the materialistic world we live in.

Must have more stuff, must have bigger house to put stuff in, must work more to afford big house so I can have more stuff…..ARGH it actually drives me a little insane.

BUT I try not to be soooo attached to things.  I can see the error of my ways and I am trying to be less of an emotional shopper.

I want to start spending my money on experiences and memories rather than things.

But at the same time – I am a modern girl, in a modern world so I am not going to beat myself up too much and I know I keep perspective on this.

I also try to buy second hand.  It used to be such a dirty word when I was growing up – but charity stores are everywhere now and car boot sales are a regular occurrence around the country.  Ebay trades off second hand goods mostly, ASOS marketplace and Amazon sellers, it’s everywhere.  I like this because it means that I am not having the energy used up to make anything new for me.  I am not giving all my money to some massive corporate company that doesn’t care for the environment.  And as payback to myself for buying into the materialistic lifestyle – I don’t resell my stuff, I donate it.  Any clothes I don’t wear or don’t need or plain have gotten bored with – I donate to friends and charity.  Any books I don’t need I donate to charity, give to friends or leaves on trains for other people to read.  I used to kid myself that one day I would have a library of my own and I kept on to every book I had.  I have favourites that I want to read again and again and again but the truth is there are so many books out there I still want to read I rarely get round to reading a book again.  So now I am trying to keep just the educational books that I have for study work I do and make and do books and travel books.  Most of my fiction books I read and try to pass on these days – to share the stories I have read.  I also hope that if I really like an author by giving one of their books to someone will inspire the new reader to buy the rest of their books.  That’s my theory/ideal I don’t really know if it works but there you go – I try and that is all anyone can do.

So today’s treat is this: 



This little bundle of loveliness cost me £2.50, and that’s £2.50 that goes to charity.

Oxfam had a 50 pence sale on all their Young Adult fiction.  I am writing my own YA fiction so I see it as research (see I can justify spending money SO easily).  The unicorn book is for my friend’s child.  I see it as my duty to spread the joy and belief of unicorns to the world.


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