It’s Friday – let the fun begin.


This week I hung out with Alan Carr and Justin Timberlake at a filming of Chatty Man.  It was funny.  And should air at the end of September for Alan’s 100th show.  You may even catch a glimpse of me.

Here are some pictures:




I am now preparing myself for winter and my usual bout of hibernation after a long summer of hardly spending any time in my flat at all and most weekend being away or having friends stay over.  Now it’s time for me to crack on with my coursework again.  For those who don’t know, I am studying a course in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and because that wasn’t stretching my time management enough I am also doing a Proof Reading and Copying Editing Course.  I am also working on my second novel, but that has sadly been put on the back burner whilst I get my head down with the studying.  But I am going to allow myself the night off to go and have a few cheeky beers with friends.

For those of you not at Bestival this weekend there are other things to do:


So lots of spacey people will be in London – various venues from what I hear, with their telescopes oo er for talks about space and stars, and to see films, star gazing in Regents Park.



Starting today – and no longer just for a weekend but for a full 10 days.



Located at 198 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 8UN.  It’s raining and blurgh today in London so what better thing to do than go to a bar full of pudding! Every Friday in September  this place is open and for £30 you can get 5 courses of sugary goodness.


And if you don’t live in London and something great is going on this weekend let me know and if I think it’s a good thing I will promote it on this blog!

Whatever you end up doing – have fun!


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