Tuesday treat – Season 4 of Parenthood!

Parenthood is basically about a family and all the branches that make up that family tree.

You have a couple, getting on in years and all their grown up children, now with children of their own, living their lives.  To be fair – they are living their lives in relative comfort…but isn’t that what American sitcom escapism is all about?

It’s not all bubblegum and hot air though – far from it – this is a show that has captured me enough to make me not just buy season one but to have reminders set up to let me know when the next season is coming out to buy – so I can then order it and get it imported to the UK! Yes, it is fair to say that I love this show.

Initially I was watching out for Parenthood because I had finished watching Gilmore Girls and wanted more of that.  It is not the Gilmore Girls.  I don’t think anything ever will be but it does contain Lauren Graham and her real life boyfriend Peter Krause (he previously of Six feet under fame).

This show is all about the Braverman’s.

You have Daddy Braverman – Zeek

The matriarch – Camille

You have their children, Adam, Crosby, Julia and Sarah.

They are married and have children – in the case of Adam he is married to Kristina and they have a child called Max who as Asperger’s.  And Haddie who is going through her teens.

You then have Crosby, the lone wolf……maybe!

Sarah has two children, Drew and Amber and a history to tell.

Julia is married to Joel and they have a daughter/princess called Sydney.

Each has their own story line that is as gripping as the next and they all merge together in a way that will make you long for a big family like theirs.


I am not going to explain the plot anymore as I would have to start putting in spoiler alerts.  It is in its 5th season in America.

I am in the UK still buying these on import – that in itself should tell you something!


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