Star Light Star bright,

The first star I see tonight,

I wish I may,

I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight.


I used to love that little poem as a child.  And I have been wishing for things ever since…..and long before if I am to be honest.

As you get older (I would argue about the wiser part), but as you get older I think you should find that your wishes, your hopes, your dreams, well they should change a little, they should grow as you grow.  If this wasn’t the case then I would still be wishing to be a mermaid….and I’d still be wishing for alien parents that would soon decide I’d been punished enough and take me back home (yeah don’t ask – I could be a complicated child).

Anyway – wishes for adults quite often seem boring.  It far too often seems to be for money and more materialistic things.  I hate how that lovely greenness of youth gets lost and we just become so jaded (gross generalisation I know but bare with me).

You only need a bigger house because you bought too much stuff in an attempt to buy a little happiness – then because you need that bigger house for all your stuff you have to work more and you can see how the pattern goes.

I personally think that ‘time’ is the most valuable thing on the face of this earth.  Not diamonds.  Not big cars.  Not mansions.  Not big bank balances.  Just plain old time!

Ah how I make it all sound so simple


Let’s start with my wish list:

I wish for happiness, for long walks in the country, for trips to the seaside, to be near the ocean often.

To have the time to write whenever I choose, to walk around smelling the roses, seeing the shapes in the clouds and just noticing the little things in life.

I wish for campfires, sing song and laughter.

Great friends and great wine.

Treehouses, rocking chairs, books….lots and lots of books, music and did I mention laughter.

I think with good friends you can cure almost anything.

I want flowers in my hair and to be able to walk barefoot as often as possible.

I want to sit down and watch shooting stars.  To listen to the birds sing and hear children laughing.

I want a nice, cosy little house.

I would love my own little writing room come library.

I want to be able to play music both on the stereo and created with my own hands.

I want to make little gifts to leave around the house and pass on to friends.

I want a little puppy dog.  I would love to work with elephants.

I want my life to matter, I want to do something worthwhile.

I want to see the world – starting with New York.

I want to stay forever young – in my mind – I want to laugh like it’s going out of fashion.

To sing when I think no one is watching, to dance and dance and dance.  I want to always chase to find the other end of the rainbow.

I want to sit and look out of my window and feel alive.



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